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    The seamless way for fans to support you directly from your podcast.
    Instantly receive recurring payments around the world.



    Patrons pledge a monthly amount to
    provide ongoing support so you can
    continue growing your podcast.


    You determine support levels, offering
    your fans a range of ways they can
    support you.


    There's no fee to set up Podbean Patron, the easiest way to begin gaining financial support for your podcast.

    Raise funds directly from Podcast App

    Raise funds directly
    from Podcast App

    Your patron campaign is exposed to millions of potential listeners in our popular Podbean iPhone and Android apps. Your listeners can become patrons easily while listening on-the-go, anywhere and anytime.

    Leslie Knight, Another Season in the Books

    "Using Podbean has been an easy, stress free and enjoyable experience. I don't view myself as very tech savvy, yet with the help of podbean I have been able to start my own podcast and publish episodes on an almost weekly basis. Podbean does a great job of informing its users of new opportunities and services, such as crowdfunding and advertising. I'm learning as I go which is exciting and fulfilling. I love the conversations I have with my interviewees. Having a podcast is a great excuse for getting to know a variety of different people. I look forward to each interview! If you're thinking about giving it a try, don't hesitate; throw yourself into it and just get started, the rest will follow."

    ——Leslie Knight, Another Season in the Books

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